Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships

by Nancy Smyth and Sharon Eakes

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Are you ready for extraordinary relationships? Chocolate or Lunch reveals the way. A marriage must first take place between your heart and mind. Your heart is at the center of every relationship, every interaction, every communication, every deal and contract in your life. The powerful energy of your heart is like a laser beam that cuts through everything false to reveal the truth about what has been the cause of the problems in relationships. It’s a different fix from what you have been looking for, and that is why you haven’t found it.

Smyth and Eakes guide you step-by-step in creating a heart-mind connection that guarantees rewarding, productive relationships. Their book is rich with poetry and stories of people’s journey to success. Also an extensive Study Guide, worth the price of the book itself, is included. It is designed to be used individually, with friends, or in a book club.

Relationships are an ongoing journey, a study for life. Chocolate or Lunch is an invaluable companion for the journey. Stress and anxiety drop away AND relationships just get easy.

Order Now: Paperback | Kindle