Fresh Views on Resilient Living

by Sharon Pam Eakes

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Fresh Views on Resilient Living, by Sharon Eakes, 10th Annual National Indie Excellence award winner for the Best General Self-Help book of 2015Fresh Views on Resilient Living is full of compelling ideas and practices to create and sustain joyful lives. As a personal and executive coach for nearly twenty years, Sharon became impressed with how hungry people are for such material. She began writing her blog, Fresh Views, in 2000, to reach more people with ideas that could help every day: at work, in relationships, in decision making, in aging well. Sharon’s magic is her ability to present complex issues concisely, with warmth, insight and humor. Each essay also includes down-to-earth coaching questions and tips.

This is not your usual self-help book. With Sharon’s understanding of brain science and systems thinking, it is a deeper dive. Coming from a serious study of psychology of relationships for over 40 years, the recent science of happiness, and her own deep spiritual practice, Sharon integrates many disciplines into a usable work of art. Fresh Views on Resilient Living is a collection of the best of the essays published over fifteen years, organized into six highly readable chapters:

  1. Tap the Incredible Power of the Mind
  2. Create Relationships That Work
  3. Be Upbeat
  4. Stay Energized
  5. See Connections Everywhere
  6. Give Back

The title of the book emerged as Sharon organized the essays and asked, “What do these add up to?” The answer came back loud and clear: “a resilient life.”

This book is Sharon’s legacy. Those who know her see that she actually lives what she writes about. She uses her own wide-ranging experiences to illustrate many of the points. Indeed, readers feel they are in the presence of a wise woman wrapped in a spirit of lightness. More than one early reader reported, “I can’t put this book down.”

Order Now: Paperback | Kindle