I wish everyone could have a coach! My own coaches, heart and thought partners, have helped me clarify what I want, get along with people, and navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Such a blessing!

In my coaching, I’m less interested in helping people do things, and more interested in helping them BE the person they want to be. Many people accomplish things yet don’t feel satisfied with themselves. They may get a gazillion things done every day, but they aren’t living their values or dreams.

Many people think that if they have this or that, they’ll be happy: a new career, partner, car or house. Some people think writing a book will do it. And yet, often when they achieve what they thought would make them happy – it doesn’t. So they strive for something else. The objects of desire may be material things, people, accomplishments, or awards.

In working with people to BE the people they want to be, they often achieve a great deal, but not by the usual route. It is amazing what happens when we work at a deeper level. Changes made at the level of being are more sustainable than changes made to behavior. And the ripple effects into all of life are astounding!

Often who you are and who you want to be are not so far apart as you think. All that’s in the way are some stories you’ve carried, some habits that don’t serve well, and often blindness to your strengths. I help you untangle the stories, let go of those that aren’t useful, examine the habits, cultivate some new ones, and tap into the amazing person who is at your center already.

I believe that relationships are at the core of our lives, and that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. In the coaching context this may mean tweaking relationships, so they just get better, and healing relationships that are more stuck. I believe all relationships can be healed, even without the participation of the other person.

Coaching is deep and strategic; it is also tactical. It is a creative journey of discovery we take together. It is both exhilarating and fun.

When I coach, people invite me into their lives – their hopes, dreams and difficulties. I experience this  as a sacred trust. Together we are often both transformed.

Here are a few of the reasons actual people have given for hiring me:

Personal Coaching:

  • A mother who couldn’t communicate with a teenaged daughter
  • A woman who felt she was shy and a poor communicator
  • A man who wanted to contribute more, but didn’t know how or where
  • A woman who felt unfulfilled
  • Recently retired…at a loss
  • A couple whose marriage was in trouble
  • College student who did not complete courses

Executive Coaching:

  • VP – had trouble communicating with CEO
  • Entrepreneur – overwhelmed by volume of work
  • Lawyer – wanted to increase productivity and profits
  • Manager – got results but was called “abusive” by subordinates
  • Director of non-profit – worked too long, home life suffered
  • College administrator – wanted to transition to another job
  • CEO of a start-up company
  • President of a spin-off company
  • Industrial Plant Manager

Coaching provides:

  • support
  • focus
  • clarity
  • new skills
  • relief
  • resources
  • fresh views
  • accountability
  • nudges
  • opportunity to increase personal mastery significantly

Coaching Arrangements

My coaching is individualized and flexible. Most of it happens on the phone or Skype in 30-60 minute sessions. 2-4 times/month is typical at the beginning, with decreasing frequency.  Sometimes sessions are held “as needed.” I like to do an initial assessment, talking with you about how you’d like to be different as a result of coaching. I often use the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument to see how you like to think and how that might impact your movement toward goals. I may suggest expanding goals so they benefit both you and the people in your life. Call me to talk about pricing. I bill monthly and accept check, PayPal and credit cards.

Here’s what Sharon’s coaching clients are saying:

“There is huge power in having a skilled person like Sharon focus 100% on me. It has energized my life.”

“Sharon has fresh views on things. Her coaching moves me along.”

“I was overwhelmed. I’m still working hard, but I’m getting more done, and I’m not overwhelmed anymore.”

“Coaching has changed my life. I used to blow up at work. Through coaching I’ve learned how to manage my emotions and still get results. It works at home too.”

“Thanks to Sharon I have become a much better communicator.”

“I was stuck. Sharon helped unstick me.”

“Coaching has made me bolder. And that has increased my confidence. Things are going smoothly. It’s like coaching set a snowball in motion.”

“My 17 year old daughter and I were constantly at odds when I started coaching. Now we’re actually friendly. Big change.”

Fresh Views

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