There is a well-known cartoon in which four blind men are arguing about the essential nature of an elephant. The man in front says the elephant is “like a huge, rough hose.” The man on the side describes the elephant as “like a tree trunk.” The man in the back says the elephant is “rope-like”. And the man two feet behind says the elephant is “soft, mushy and close to the ground.” Each man is, of course, absolutely right. There are many ways to view any subject.

In Fresh Views I write about anything that grabs my interest: relationships, life’s little jokes and big complexities, work, energy, aging, death, anything. My goal is always to say something meaningful in as short a space as possible. With each issue of Fresh Views I ask you to view a subject from a new perspective. In the process, I hope to disturb and inspire you to think, to stretch, to smile, to change.

The issues are published about once a month and are purposely short so that you will read and re-read them.


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Read the Archive of Previous Issues – 05/2000 to 05/2014


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