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Disciplines: Shared Vision & Personal Mastery

"Imagine a future you want and begin to live it"
Dee Hock

A vision is an image of how the world will be different when the vision is realized. A vision is an imagined future, something we want and don't know how to get. (If we know how to get there it's a goal.) It is not by accident that a vision is called a vision. It works best when it is pictured vividly by the mind's eye.
A vision operates like a magnet, drawing us toward it. It conditions a part of our brain called the reticular activating system (RAS), which scans the environment continually, finding useful information to bring the vision to fruition. When the image is clear and revisited often, the process can seem miraculous. The perfect people and ideas show up seemingly out of the blue.
When a vision is SHARED by a group, and is vivid, everyone who shares it is pulled toward its realization, picking up information of value on the way to making it happen.

- Our home remodeled so it meets our needs, delights us and is within our budget by 12/0
- 20 pounds lighter and feeling great by 9/00
- 100% on-time deliveries with 0% quality problems by 6/01
- Satisfaction in both professional and personal life by 1/01
- "A man on the moon and returned safely by the end of the decade" John Kennedy

Creating and holding visions adds meaning and purpose to life. If you already have a vision, think of it now. Add color, movement and intensity. Or try this: create a vision of your perfect life. Flesh it out. Where do you live, work? How do you look, feel, relate to others? What are your days and weeks like? Write it down, draw a picture of it. Revisit it often. Begin to live it.

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