FRESH VIEWS - July 2000
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******************************************************************* FOCUS: GET MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF
Discipline: Self-mastery

"If you need more time, get more space."
Thomas Leonard

Physicists say time and space are the same. I experience it like this: when 1200+ E-mail messages were somehow erased from my computer's filing cabinet, after first being horrified, I was overjoyed. Suddenly I had more time. When our space is filled with belongings, piles and treasures, our time is filled tending them. It makes sense, then, that when we clear out some space, we have more time. This principle operates at a deep level. Even long-ignored, out-of-sight basement collections take up space inside of us and require invisible energy.
Spurred on by my E-mail purge, I went on a space-clearing spree. I used the Buddhist maxim "Is it still alive?" as my guide. I have been amazed at the result.

Here's some of what I tossed, gave away or sent someone:
- Outdated computer books
- Lovely nature books
- Piles of typing paper used on one side
- Loads of old, not very good pictures
- Years of Chip Chat & Consumer Reports magazines
- Clothes I thought I'd alter someday
- Outdoor furniture we don't use
- The gate on our deck, which was always in the way

When we put the gate out, a neighbor showed up almost immediately to ask if we were giving it away. It was just what he needed for something. Reminded me of the best recycling system I ever experienced, in Inverness, California, in the early 1970's. There was a large room in the back of a bookstore where people brought what they no longer needed and wanted and took what they now needed or wanted. We got a record player there. My kids regularly recycled toys and clothes. It was a lovely, community way to share and not get so bogged down with "stuff."

To free up time, "adopt the mindset of a master gardener: prune mercilessly and confidently." Leonard suggests. Go through closets, drawers, piles. Throw away, give away, return. Feel your time expand.

Go on a space clearing rampage. Then join me in a 45 minute telegathering August 7, 8:00 p.m. EDT to share how it worked for you. We'll look for tips, give kudos, hear humorous things you've saved. And there will be a BONUS. At the telegathering, I'll pass along another tip, a surprising way to get more time for yourself. Call (702) 558-4398. No need to pre-register...just call at 8:00 p.m. EDT (7 CDT, 6 MDT, 5 PDT)
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