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*********************************************************************** FOCUS: Differences and Curiosity
Disciplines: Personal Mastery, Mental Models

"All the world is strange
Except thee and me
And sometimes I even wonder about thee"

People are amazingly different from each other. This is so obvious it is a cliche. Still, the simple notion is profound. People ARE different. And it's our differences that lead to frustration and fighting and divorce and war. The differences come in many forms. Here are a few:

o Gender
o Age
o Ethnicity
o Personal history
o Beliefs
o Assumptions
o Values
o Approach to stress
o Sense of humor
o Learning style
o Pain threshold
o Thinking style preference

Coaching tip:
Instead of getting mad at differences, get curious. Whether the difference is with a single loved one or a group, see it as a puzzle and investigate. Question yourself and the other about assumptions, history, how the world looks from that other vantage point. Research by reading things you wouldn't usually read. Then, use your findings to do one of these:
Honor the difference - accept that people are different and it makes the world more interesting.
Use the difference
* Hire people who like to do what you don't like doing.
* Oppose a position effectively by understanding it.
Celebrate the difference. Life is richer because of differences. Solutions are stronger when they embrace differences.

Perhaps when we accept our differences we can appreciate how similar we are.

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Each month FRESH VIEWS focuses on a single topic, relates it to one of the five disciplines of a learning community, and offers a coaching tip and a follow-up telegathering or invitation. Please forward it to friends and colleagues. My purpose in writing FRESH VIEWS is to nurture, prod and encourage readers to think and talk about these topics with their families, friends and colleagues. Mine is only one view. Multiple conversations may deliver us to insights only hinted at here. Such a process sustains the vitality of learning relationships, learning families, learning organizations and learning communities.

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