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*************************************************************** FOCUS: Do Less; Be More
Disciplines: Systems Thinking, Mental Models. Personal Mastery

"There is surely nothing quite so useless
as doing with great efficiency that which
should not be done at all. "
Peter Drucker


A friend of mine recently said he is so tired of hearing everyone moan about how busy they are, he's stopped doing it. I think that's a great step. The next great step is to stop BEING so busy. Do less. Be more. In our culture there is a big emphasis on doing. Along the way we often blur some distinctions, such as thinking [efficiency = effectiveness], and [activity = result].


* Most of us do things regularly at work and home which do not add much value. We do them because we think they are expected, or we've always done them.
* People often get so exhausted preparing for the holidays that they do not enjoy them.
* How recently have you felt too busy to do things you really want to do?


* Stop and think about things you do habitually at work and home. If they do not add value, stop doing them. If you cannot make that decision alone, ask serious questions about what value the activity adds to any process. Remember the woman who always cut the end off a roast, because her mother did? On questioning, the grandmother described her too-small pan which started the tradition.
* Decorate less, cook less, shop less. Consider giving people who have everything (including kids) gifts that expand their world and benefit others. Seva Foundations Gifts of Service ( and The Heifer Project ( are two of my current favorites. (To find out how much of any charity goes to direct service, call 1-800-732-0999.)
* Visit more. Call long, lost friends. Talk to your colleagues. Sit and do nothing. Breathe deeply.
* Whenever you find yourself saying or thinking, "I'm so busy I can't do ___________, ask yourself if you are too busy to BE the person you want to be.

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