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This issue is guest-written by Dr. Ian Metcalfe,,
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FOCUS: Self-Discipline
Discipline: Personal Mastery, Team Learning

"Only when we are comfortable in our own skins will we be of much use to anyone else."
- Charles Handy, "The Hungry Spirit".


I was reading Charles Handy's "The Hungry Spirit" which has as a key theme the concept of "proper selfishness" - balancing our responsibilities to ourself and to others. Thinking of 'responsibility' lead me to reflect on self-discipline. What surprised me was the realization that, paradoxically and despite the quote above, self-discipline is easiest when you are involved with others.

Most would agree that letting ourselves down is often easier than letting the team down. Self-justification (self-delusion) is easier than justifying our actions (or inactions) to others. Being a role model works best if others are there to observe.

On the other hand 'peer pressure' is a powerful force for social norming. The need to belong is strong. Where best then to test the metal of our resolve, than in the company of a group of colleagues and friends.

We think of self-discipline as a solitary act, but we are not islands unto ourselves. It may be true that until we learn to love ourselves we cannot fully help others, but we learn about ourselves through others. Life is a journey best shared.


1. Practice self-discipline with others holding the mirror.
2. Look inward and outward. Ask not only "what do I believe in?" but also "what do others infer about my beliefs & values from my public actions?"
3. Understand how your emotions and behaviour affects others.
4. Be responsible for your intent to influence.


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