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*************************************************************** Peace on Earth
Good Will toward Men

These days when people ask, "What have you been doing?" I say, "I've been thinking about peace," which is true.

To my surprise, every one of them, to a person, has taken a deep breath and said, essentially, "Me too."

My friend Sallie doesn't think there's much she can DO to help with peace, but she has a vision of how she can BE that helps. Her vision is that when she's full of love and goodness, she blows up like a bubble and then when she connects with others, they become bubbles and then pass the expanding bubbles to everyone they gently contact.....on and on. "My vision is really big," she says. "I picture iridescent bubbles, rivers and oceans of luminous bubbles." Talk about systems!

Here are other ideas and resources from conversations with people about peace and how we can contribute to it.

1. Walk in nature.
2. Forgive yourself.
3. Forgive someone else.
4. Practice resolving conflicts in your own family peacefully.
5. Live fully in the present instead of the past or future.
6. Read fewer newspapers and watch less TV news.
7. Pray for George Bush AND Sadam Hussein.
8. Start a Prayer Circle. (
9. Check out a religion whose core concepts center on world peace. (
10. Join a group working toward peace, such as (;;

Here's a question: Who will you need to be to make the world a more loving and peaceful place in 2003?

I will be traveling for the holidays so there will be no telegathering this month.
I want to thank you, my faithful readers, for making my dreams about Fresh Views come true. Each month I hear from many of you, either by e-mail, telephone or in the telegathering. There are now readers on several continents. Thank you for consistently expanding my thinking on subjects I care about.
My New Years' wish for each of you is that 2003 will be full of love and peace.
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