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FOCUS: Be grateful for small things
Disciplines: Personal mastery, Mental Models, Systems thinking

"Be grateful for small things"


My husband and I have just come home from biking through our village. The air is fresh, warm, crisp. Without warning, blossom trees have exploded on every street. There are vibrant petal clusters everywhere - white, pink, yellow, lavender! A sweet, intense fragrance surrounds us in waves as we ride. My brain often works well while I'm riding; I had hoped my Fresh Views would coalesce on this ride . Instead, I gave into my senses, enjoyed the blossoms, all thoughts flown to the wind. I hear my mother's voice saying, "Be grateful for small things." And I am.

It strikes me that experiencing gratitude for small things may be the only way to thrive and remain cheerful in the long haul, through the big difficulties of our individual and collective lives. Often gratitude for small things brings us right to the present moment. The past may be painful, the future murky, but here, now, right this minute, I'm having an absolutely delicious cup of coffee. Hal brings a cartoon to share. I'm tickled and laugh, grateful for the small and precious moment of sharing.

I asked some friends what small things they'd been grateful for lately. Here's what I got:
--> Ripe, red strawberries on sale
--> An empty seat next to mine on the plane
--> A good night's sleep
--> The smile of a stranger
--> A computer that somehow fixed itself
--> A reconciled checking account
--> A meeting that lasted only 30 minutes


Cultivate being grateful for small things. Seriously. Find something small to be grateful for right this minute. Multiple small moments of gratitude actually release chemicals in the brain that help us stay well, upbeat. Try it.

From SMALL THINGS by Albert Huffstickler

"And that's when you begin to see that small things sometimes
aren't small at all. Seen from a distance, they can be very large.
It's like looking at a star for a long time 'til all your attention
is focused on it.
If you do that long enough,
it will start to move closer and get larger
'til finally you're inside it and then
there's nothing anywhere but light."

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