HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)

Whole Brain Technology

Whole brain technology provides a powerful model for:

  • understanding yourself and others
  • taking the emotional charge out of differences
  • communicating more effectively
  • making solid decisions
  • increasing team capacity and company success

When used as an operating philosophy Whole Brain Thinking can transform a person or a company. It is much more than a simple assessment. I love this tool and find it a compelling tool for coaching clients, couples, and working teams.

The HBDI gives you a clear memorable, visual profile of your preferred thinking style and the thinking style you use under stress (which is sometimes very different.) The profiles of working pairs, teams and couple can be aggregated. The resulting pictures tell the stories loud and clear, allowing for huge leaps in understanding how they function together. Paths to resolving conflicts and improving collaboration come easily when working with the HBDI.

The place to start is with the HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument).

For more information, purchase this article:

Brain Dominance or Thinking Style Preferences

Herrmann Brain Dominance Survey Instrument (HBDI)For a fuller understanding of Brain Dominance/Thinking Style Preferences and the HDBI, read the article that’s been presented to thousands across the country. Excerpted from the seminar series Pathways to Greatness, this material is approved by the Herman Group. Only $1.95.


The easiest way to complete the survey is online after you are given a keyword.

Call me at: (412)-741-1709 to talk about

  • potential uses of the HBDI
  • pricing
  • a keyword to complete the survey online
  • debriefing the HBDI
  • Having your work team complete the HBDI
  • Debriefing a team by conference call

(No obligation to buy. I am so enthusiastic about this tool, I welcome the chance to talk about it.)